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Please kindly note that the actual color, texture and design of the materials may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the website. We highly recommend visiting our factory on-site to see the materials in person.

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Opening New Doors In Your Life

Do you want to update the look of your home or office doors? Have you received the keys to your brand-new BTO apartment? Look no further! Get rid of the old hole-in-the-wall by adding a one-of-a-kind personal touch to your space with made-to-order doors from Maicador.

At Maicador, we carry a vast range of high quality, fire-rated doors and door-related accessories for you to choose from.


Crafting Doors Since the 1980s

Since the 1980s, Maicador has been a reliable manufacturer and supplier of doors, door products, and installation services in Singapore. We can guarantee high-quality craftsmanship for our doors because of our decades of tradition, experience, and expertise in door-making and carpentry.

Our orders are custom-made to each customer. We also welcome and promote on-site visits to our factory so that you can inspect and feel the materials before placing an order.

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Clients We Worked With

We have worked on innumerable residential renovation projects with a multitude of interior designers across the island.

We have also carried out sub-contractual works for the supply of doors for various commercial and governmental institutions. 

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.
Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.
Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.
Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.
Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

Brands We Use

At Maicador, we use the following brands that are known for their quality, reliability and durability.

Why Choose Maicador?

We’re the key to your search for professional door services!

At Maicador, we understand that your doors are a major investment and essential for you to utilise your space comfortably, conveniently and safely. That is why we specialise in one area: Doors and door accessories.

We understand the importance of affordability. By having our factory as the showroom and office, there was no need to rent a swanky space to showcase the same products! This help keep costs low and provide us with more stringent quality control. The savings are ultimately passed on to you!

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

We offer bespoke services, tailored to individual and unique requirements.

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

Experienced door makers since 1980.

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

We use quality graded wood from sustainable sources.

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

We offer the greatest value with no compromise on quality.

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

We will be there when you need us - even for after-sales.

Maicador (S) Trading Pte Ltd.

We highly recommend and encourage a visit to our factory! Open to public.

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