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Maintaining Your Door

Regular Inspections

All doors, particularly those with artificial finishes, paint, or wood stains, are prone to wear and tear. We recommend that you inspect your doors on a regular basis for any paint, stain, or sealer breakdown. Paint or stain breakdown around glass openings and joints should be given special attention.

If you notice any visible wear and tear, we recommend that refinishing be performed. Natural wear and tear will usually occur after several years of continuous use, depending on the volume of usage.

We also provide refinishing and/or revarnishing services. Please contact us if you require any additional information.

Cleaning Your Door

Doors should never get wet – excessive exposure to moisture will warp and damage wooden doors. It is strongly advised that you avoid getting your doors soaked or wet, even after staining or sealing.

Wipe your doors down only with a damp cloth. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents on your doors.

Never hose your front door down.

Maintaining Stainless Steel

When cleaning doors with stainless steel inlays/inserts, gently wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth and thoroughly dry with a soft cloth.

Any discoloration or corrosion should be removed as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining and pitting of the paint.

Always use a high quality stainless steel cleaner to remove discoloration and always obey the manufacturer’s instructions.


General Advice

Variations in Timber

All timber veneers can display significant natural variations in colour, grain patterns and textures. These variations are part of the natural beauty of timber; they are not considered defects.

Show Through

A show through in door manufacturing occurs when the internal structure of the door has left a slight mark on the “skin” of the door. This occurs only on doors with a “skin thickness” of around 3mm. Normally, a display through is only visible at certain angles or by using high-gloss paints. Component show through is not considered a flaw.

Warping or Bowing

Warping or bowing refers to the cupping or twisting of timber. When it comes to doors, it refers to the distortion within the door itself and not its relationship to jambs or the frame in which it is hung.

It is generally not considered a defect for a door measuring 2,150mm high to have a warp or bow up to 4mm. In addition, it is not considered a defect for doors measuring between 2,150mm and 2,400mm high to have a warp or bow up to 6mm. Doors which exceed a height of 2,438mm or a width of 1,219mm are not covered by our warranty and are not guaranteed against warping or bowing.

You can determine cupping by applying a straight edge to the concave face of the door, or twist by placing the door face against a true plane surface.

Warping or bowing can be caused by a number of factors, such as adverse moisture conditions. The usage of dark or multiple colours (paint or stain) can also cause the door to warp.

Maicador does not accept responsibility of warping or bowing when the moisture content of the timber falls below 10% or exceeds 15%.

Prompt advice should be sought if excessive warping or bowing occurs to assist in overcoming difficulty.

It is the responsibility of the home or business owner to ensure that the advice outlined here has been adhered to. Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.

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Door Care and Maintenance

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