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About Nyatoh Wood

Most Singaporean door makers use “Nyatoh wood” or “Nyatoh ply”. What is it?

“Nyatoh Ply” refers to the design whereby a wooden Nyatoh sheet is glued adjacent to plywood. Nyatoh wood is dark brown/reddish in colour, having a tight and straight grain that resembles cherry wood.

The Nyatoh species of trees can be found abundant in the rainforests of South-East Asia; especially in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Nyatoh is a popular timber for both indoor and outdoor furniture and solid doors.

All of our wood products are sustainably sourced.


About Solid Timber

What are solid timber doors?

These are your familiar, affordable and dependable solid timber doors  – they are timeless and never go out of style.

Solid timber doors bring your guests an impression of class and charm; complementing spaces that desire professionalism and elegance.


About Veneer Ply

The word “veneer ply” is often seen in carpentry and door catalogues. What is veneer ply? Is it durable?

Veneer ply doors are reconstituted decorative plywood made from plain veneer that is passed through a dyeing process in order to produce a wide spectrum of sylvan shades and patterns. 

Veneers are thin layers of actual wood such as teak or mahogany and are pressed over plyboards. Veneers look similar to a wooden finish and can be polished, giving a wooden texture and feel. They are also very durable. 

With the growing popularity in exotic and domestic interior design hardwoods, interior designs and furniture owners often use matching plywood-veneer flush doors to complete a rich design.


Are Particleboards Plywood?

Do not confuse plyboard/plywood with particleboards.

Particleboards are boards made from compressed recycled wood chips and sawdust. They are extremely cheap, poor quality and disintegrate/warp upon contact with water or moisture.

Particleboards are extensively used by a certain well-known big-box furniture store.

At Maicador, we never use particleboards for our doors.


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We source and import all of our wood products only from trusted partners and manufacturers. Our doors are produced locally by our very own, homebred skilled artisans — master craftsmen who spend their career specialising in woodcraft.

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